Publishment of KEIO SFC JOURNAL

KEIO SFC JOURNAL is being published more than once every year to present an achievement of academic research in SFC. Special issue is offered in every volume, but we are always accepting general papers as well.


Latest Issue

Vol.19 No.2 published on March 25th, 2020
Vol.20 No.1 to be publish on September 2020

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Past publication issues

For those papers with permission from the author is given, are accessible from the web (not including the latest issue).
At the ABSTRACT in every paper having a "read more" is available for download.

No. A special feature
Vol.19 No.2 2019 Aspiring to Construct Multilingual and Multicultural Societies
Vol.19 No.1 2019 SFC × SDG
Vol.18 No.2 2018 Exploring the Future of Nursing
Vol.18 No.1 2018 Reviewing Heisei Era: Its Outcomes and Heritages
Vol.17 No.2 2017 Evidence-Based Approach - Challenges to Pan Asia Higher Education
Vol.17 No.1 2017 DesignX*XDesign
- Exploration of Design Theories, Methods and Perspectives in Emerging Design Fields -
Vol.16 No.2 2016 Beyond Regional Revitalization
Vol.16 No.1 2016 Reconstruction from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and New National Spacial Strategies under the Condition of Population Decline
Vol.15 No.2 2015 New Dynamics of International Security Studies
Vol.15 No.1 2015 Advanced Bioscience Studies at SFC: Our Grand Challenges to Save the World
Vol.14 No.2 2014 Diversity in Sports
Vol.14 No.1 2014 Research Methodology Evolutions at Keio, SFC
Vol.13 No.2 2014 New Trends in Computing Systems
Vol.13 No.1 2013 Japan Studies Platform Laboratory and a Globalization Strategy of Keio SFC "Theory and Practice in New 'Japan Studies'"
Vol.12 No.2 2012 Designing Environments for Learning
Vol.12 No.1 2012 Future Vision of Japanese Society after the Tarning Point
Vol.11 No.2 2011 Higher Education
Vol.11 No.1 2011 New Paradigms in Climate Change and Environment
Vol.10 No.2 2010 East Asia since 1990: Contemporary Trends and Issues
Vol.10 No.1 2010 Designs from Now On
Vol.9 No.2 2009 The Establishment and Application of the e-Care Society
Vol.9 No.1 2009 Survey on Location System and Spatial Analysis
Vol.8 No.2 2008 Networking and Distance Education in Asia
Vol.8 No.1 2008 Special Issue on Policy Management
Vol.7 No.2 2007 Mobility and Infrastructure of Society
Vol.7 No.1 2007 Special Issue on Policy Management
Vol.6 No.1 2007 Issues on Service Innovations
Vol.5 No.1 2006 --
Vol.4 No.1 2006 --
Vol.3 No.1 2004 Issues on Environmental Studies
Vol.2 No.1 2003 Expense of Communication Theory and Practice
Vol.1 No.1 2002 Governance:Theory and Practice