Application Guideline 応募要領

応募 -Registration


If you wish to make a presentation at KEIO-SAS, please fill out the form below.

応募フォーム / Registration Form

第23回大会の応募締切: 2024年3月1日(金) 13:00

Deadline: 13:00 on March 1, 2024 (Fri)

コンセプト -Basic Concept















[English] Keio SAS is equivalent to the annual meeting in general academic societies, which aims to provide a venue for presentations by society members. KeioSAS has three categories as shown in the table below.

Presentations for All

This is an individual research presentation open to all our Society members.

You may make an oral presentation of the results of your daily research.

Activity Introductions

This is a place for oral presentations by our Society members to introduce and promote your various activities. Both individual and group presentations are accepted.

Graduation Presentations

This is an opportunity for those who have graduated or will graduate from SFC in the current academic year to present their graduation thesis. Supervisor will also receive an additional prize. However, supervisor must be a faculty member of SFC and a member of our Society.

Furthermore, as Keio SFC Academic Society wishes to support the research and activities of Society members who are active both on and off campus, we will award prizes to those presentations in which we feel that they have been particularly outstanding, and will also award supplementary prizes accordingly.

In order to maintain fairness, we ask that you strictly adhere to the rules regarding deadlines, format, etc.

Please read the following carefully and prepare your presentation accordingly.

スケジュール -Schedule

[Japanese] 第22回大会 第23回大会
カテゴリ 学会員の活動発信 一般研究発表 卒業プロジェクト発表
演題の登録締切 2023年11月6日(月) 13:00 2024年3月1日(金) 13:00
一次審査結果発表 11月9日(木) 3月2日(土)
プログラム発表 11月13日(月) 3月4日(月)



11月25日(土) 12:00〜16:00


3月9日(土) 11:30〜17:00


オンライン結果発表 11月27日(月) 11:00 11月27日(月) 11:00
[English] 22nd Keio SAS 23rd Keio SAS
Category Activity Introductions Presentations for All Graduation Presentations
Registration Deadline 13:00 on Nov. 6, 2023 (Mon) 13:00 on Mar. 1, 2024 (Fri)
Announcement of 1st Screening Result Nov. 9 (Thu) Mar. 2 (Sat)
Announcement of Program Nov. 13 (Mon) Mar. 4 (Mon)

Presentation Date and Site

12:00-16:00 on Nov. 25 (Sat)

at Tau11 room in SFC

11:30-17:00 on Mar. 9 (Sat)

at Tau11 room in SFC

Annoucement of Final Result 11:00 on Nov. 27 (Mon) 11:00 on Mar. 11 (Mon)

演題登録の方法 -How to register Keio SAS




提出されたPDFは会場で紙媒体として配られることになりますので、そのつもりでご作成ください。印刷の都合上、上下、左右に1 cm以上の余白があるようにしてください。

# 提出する際にはWordやPowerpointファイルではなく、必ずPDF化した上で提出すること。

[Japanese] 第22回大会 第23回大会
カテゴリ 学会員の活動発信 一般研究発表 卒業プロジェクト発表
提出物 A4縦サイズのフライヤー(1ページ) A4サイズのレジュメ(2ページ)
参考 フライヤー例 レジュメフォーマット
提出締切日時 2023年11月6日(月)13:00 必着 2024年3月1日(金)13:00 必着
注意点 クラウド上に保存し、第三者が確実にダウンロードできるURLを作成し、そのURLを フォームで連絡していただく形になります

[English] Please enter your information at the Registration Form for Keio SAS, which is located at the top of this page.

For “Presentations for All” and “Graduation Presentations”, please submit your resume according to the designated format (Two pages of A4 size PDF files: color is strictly prohibited).

In the case of “Activity Introductions”, there is no specified format, but please submit a flyer clearly indicating the title of the presentation and the presenter (in the case of a group presentation, the name of the presentation group and the presenter) (one vertical A4-size PDF file: color is strictly prohibited). The submitted PDF file will be distributed to audience in paper form. Please allow at least 1 cm margins on the top, bottom, left and right sides for printing convenience.

# When submitting, be sure to submit a PDF file, not a Word or Powerpoint file.

[English] 22nd Keio SAS 23rd Keio SAS
Category Activity Introductions Presentation for All Graduation Presentations
Documents to be submitted A4 portrait size flyer (1 page) A4 size resume (2 pages)
Reference Flyer Example Resume Format
Submission Deadline 13:00 on November 6, 2023 (Mon) 13:00 on March 1, 2024 (Fri)
Note. You should store the data in the cloud and create a URL that can be downloaded reliably by third parties. Then, please submit that URL in the designated field on the registration form.

発表形式 -Presentation Style


  • 口頭発表 (発表6分間, 質疑応答3分間)
  • 発表は大会側が準備したMacで行っていただきます
  • スライドはUSBメモリに入れて、直前の休憩時間に受付にご提出ください
  • 発表スライドはpowerpoint、pdf、keynoteにかぎります
  • 原則、オンラインでの発表はうけつけていませんが、当日、発表ができない場合は6分間以内の発表動画を前日までに提出していただければ、それを放映することは可能です。その場合も審査の対象としますが、質疑応答点は0点になります。あらかじめご了承ください。

[English] All presentations must be in oral style. Please prepare your presentation according to the following rules.

  • Oral presentations (6 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for Q&A)
  • Slides will be displayed on a Mac prepared by us.
  • Slides must be submitted to the registration desk during the break time immediately before your presentation.
  • Slides must be in powerpoint, pdf, or keynote.
  • In principle, online presentations are not accepted, but if you are unable to present on the day of the meeting, a video of up to 6 minutes in length can be showed if it is submitted by the day before the conference. Please note that video presenters will not be able to participate in Q&A, so these points will not be counted.

賞 -Awards



[English] Presenters at Keio SAS will receive a Gold Award, a Silver Award, an Encouragement Award, or a Participation Award, each worth approximately 40,000 yen, 20,000 yen, 10,000 yen, or 3,000 yen, respectively (in the form of catalog gifts).

Gold and silver prizes will be awarded for “Graduation Presentations” only. Please see below for details on the number of cases.

[Japanese] 第22回大会 第23回大会
カテゴリ 学会員の活動発信 一般研究発表 卒業プロジェクト発表
仮の総エントリー数 トータル15件 トータル15件 トータル25件
金賞 0件 6件
銀賞 0件 6件
奨励賞 7件 13件
参加賞 8件 0件
複数人の受賞 あり (最大5人) なし
  • 金賞を受賞した学生の指導教員には銀賞の副賞が、銀賞を受賞した学生の指導教員には奨励賞の副賞が、それ以外の指導教員には参加賞の副賞が与えられます。
  • 『学会員の活動報告』をグループとして行う場合は、最大5人という範囲の中で、プログラムに登録された人数分の副賞が与えられます。ただし、全員同じ品である必要があり、代表者にまとめて送られます。
  • 申請時に「表彰の対象外にする」欄にチェックを入れることによって、審査の対象外とすることもできます。
[English] 22nd Keio SAS 23rd Keio SAS
Category Activity Introductions Presentations for All Graduation Presentations
Number of total provisional entries Total 15 Total 15 Total 25
Gold Award 0 6
Silver Award 0 6
Encouragement Award 7 13
Participation Award 8 0
Supervisor n/a also awarded*
Multiple Person Awarded YES Maximum 5* n/a
  • The Supervisor of the student who receives the gold, silver, or encouragement awards will receive a supplementary silver, encouragement, or participation award, respectively.
  • If you are presenting a “Activity Introductions” as a group, you will receive additional prizes for the number of people listed in the program, within a maximum of five people. However, all participants will receive the same prize, which will be sent to the representative of the group.
  • It is also possible to check the "Exclude from award" box when you apply.