【 2022年10月10日〜21日 】SFCロケーションハンティングゲーム

 SFC Location Hunting Game 

(English Follows)

このプロジェクトは、小林研究室の博士課程研究の一環です。ロケーションハンティングゲーム は、携帯電話で利用・プレイできるWebアプリケーションです。宝探しに似ていますが、代わりに場所を探すのです。SFCの参加者がキャンパス周辺を探索し、発見された公共空間について簡単な意思決定をすることを促す街づくりゲームです。そのために、参加者はSFC内の本館前に設置された自転車に乗ります。このゲームへの参加は、学生にとって湘南藤沢キャンパスの周辺環境を知り、地域社会とつながる良い機会になるのではないでしょうか。


To kick off fall semester 2022, how about playing a machizukuri game with SFC community?
This project is part of a doctoral research at Kobayashi laboratory. Location Hunting Game is a web application that you can use and play on your mobile phone. It is similar to treasure hunting, but instead, we hunt locations. It is a machizukuri game that encourages participants from SFC to explore to the local area around the campus and get involved in making simple decisions about the discovered public spaces. To do so, participants are invited to ride a bicycle that is placed in SFC in front of the main building. Participation in this game could be a good opportunity for students to get to know more about the surroundings of Shonan Fujisawa campus, and connect with the local community. This study was thoroughly examined and approved by the Research Ethics committee and SFC facilities department. We will provide you with full support while you are playing the game, and we would like to offer participants a 1000 yen gift card as a token of appreciation. 

For full information and how to play video, please visit the website below. Please join us in playing Location Hunting Game !