Research Grant

About application of Grant

Research grants cover a portion of the expenses incurred in conducting research.
To calculate the expenses that will be covered by a grant, we require a receipt (addressed to the Shonan Fujisawa Academic Society) for an amount equal to or greater than the grant.

Please note that the grant for this year is not offered in the same way as in previous years.

♦ Changes

1. This grant will also cover a portion of the publishing fees for papers with you as first author that are selected for publication in academic journals as category A, Research presentation.

2. The number of calls for submissions and their deadlines has changed. Submissions in all grant categories (A, B, C, and D) will be accepted for all deadlines. (Deadlines will be strictly observed, and no late applications will be accepted under any circumstances.)

1st call: Submit by 4PM, Wednesday, April 24
2nd call: Submit by 4PM, Wednesday, July 3
3rd call: Submit by 4PM, Wednesday, October 16
4th call: Submit by 4PM, Wednesday, February 12

After you have finalized the participants, expenses, and other details of the conference, please submit your application before the scheduled date of research.

You will be notified of the decision approximately one month after the deadline.

♦ Submit to: (send as PDF)

Students must CC their advisor in their emailed application. The advisor in this case must be a member of the Keio SFC Academy Society.

*In the email subject line, please write "Research grant application (applicant's name)."

Objective of Research Grant

In 2003, the Keio SFC Academic Society established a foundation to fund research grants for SFC faculty members, SFC undergraduate and graduate school students, and members of the Society. Since then, we have expanded the scope of the grants and supported many research activities of Society members. The foundation has supported student-led meetings; research networking meetings; symposiums; research, investigation, and exchange activities outside the bounds of ordinary research; and collaborative investigation and exchange activities by multiple students and researchers. It has also supported educational seminars and workshops planned by Society members as part of education, as well as (for students only) activities related to academic conferences. The foundation also funds the publication of research results in Japan and overseas; in principle, such publication is funded when the applicant is the lead author. In all cases, a report is produced and published when the funded activity is completed. In addition, we ask applicants to prepare and publish the outcomes of their funded activities at an SFC Academic Society Open Research Forum (separate application) or via a similar forum in Japan or overseas. We recently revised the grant structure; as of 2018, the foundation subsidizes parts of research activities in principle. Additionally, grants are offered at different periods according to grant category.