Publishing Rules

Established on September 19, 2012
Revised on May 7, 2014

Purpose and the Name

Article1: The Keio SFC Academic Society (hereinafter referred to as the Society) shall publish KEIO SFC JOURNAL, an academic journal for publishing the results of researches conducted at SFC.

Editorial Board

Article 2: KEIO SFC JOURNAL is edited by the KEIO SFC JOURNAL Editorial Board (hereinafter referred to as the Editorial Board).
2. The editorial board members consist of 15 or less Society members and a few external committee members. It has one editor-in-chief and a few deputy editors. Editorial board members are selected at the Editorial Board meeting and appointed by the editor-in-chief.
3. As a general rule, the term of editorial board member is 2 years. Reappointment is allowed.
4. Although the term is basically based on fiscal year (April to March), an editorial board member who has a paper assigned for review at the end of the term will continue reviewing the paper until the final decision is made.
5. The non-editorial board member who is in charge of a feature article will become a temporary editorial board member for the given issue.

Editorial Policy

Article 3: As a general rule, KEIO SFC JOURNAL is published twice a year.
2. The publication date of the first issue shall be the end of September and the publication date of the second issue shall be the end of March in each fiscal year.
3. The following five categories of manuscripts are published in KEIO SFC JOURNAL.
Invited Paper
Research Paper
Research Note
Book Review Paper
Book Review/Academic Trends
4. An invited paper is a paper written for the featured theme. It is a manuscript commissioned by the Editorial Board.
Invited papers are read by the editorial board member in charge of the feature and are not subject to peer review. In addition, they are written in the same format as research paper described in the writing procedures.
5. Research Papers, Research Notes, Book Review Papers, and Book Review / Academic Trends shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the writing procedures and guidelines set forth in Article 4. However, qualified individuals to submit a manuscript to KEIO SFC JOURNAL are the Society members, other individuals who paid the membership fee, and the individual to whom the Society commissioned a manuscript.
6. The Editorial Board will consider the application of the contributor to determine under which category listed in above Article 3 the submitted manuscript will be reviewed. The Editorial Board will then determine whether to approve the manuscript based on the results of the review conducted in accordance with the review procedure.
7. When an editorial board member is also one of the manuscript contributors, he/she may not participate in the Editorial Board's deliberation regarding his/her manuscript.

Publication of Writing Guidelines and Procedures

Article 4: The Editorial Board shall prepare writing guidelines and procedures based on the above editorial policies and obtain the approval of the Organizing Committee of the Society to broadly publish them.


Article 5: Each author shall entrust to the Society the copyright of the papers and other materials published in KEIO SFC JOURNAL issued by the Society. The Society shall retain the compilation copyright and the publication right of the papers and other materials.
2. Based on 1, the Society will have the right to re-publish and re-distribute the prints or electronic media of the original papers and other materials of the author. Re-distribution via electronic media also includes registration to and posting on the Keio SFC Academic Society website as well as websites and databases operated by Keio University.
3. In case the paper or other material will be reproduced in other printed matters or electronic media, the author shall notify the Society in advance.
4. As a general rule, the Society shall obtain the prior consent from the author in case the paper or other material will be summarized and re-published or re-distributed in printed matters or electronic media.

Administrative Office

Article 6: The Society's Administrative Office shall be in charge of the administrative tasks such as managing the schedule of KEIO SFC JOURNAL and holding the Editorial Board meeting as well as maintaining accounting related to those tasks.