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SFC Academic Society's 14th Research Presentation Contest
Seeking Presentation Candidates
Application Guidelines for Graduation Project Presentations

Graduation project presentations comprise research presentations by students working on graduation projects during the 2016 academic year (either for September graduation or for March graduation). For September graduates, it is an ideal opportunity to share their completed research with a large audience. For those graduating in March, meanwhile, it is a valuable chance to tell others about the aims and significance of their research and its progress, ahead of the finalization stage.

During the contest, we aim to ensure that interesting and high-quality research in a wide variety of fields is presented by allowing faculty members to recommend a student they supervise to make a presentation. In the case of joint research, a faculty member may recommend more than one student (but a single representative should make the application, and only one presentation is permitted). A faculty member recommending a foreign student may also recommend a second candidate.

All faculty members are requested to recommend one student whose graduation project they supervise (one group representative in the case of joint research; or up to 2 students in cases where a foreign student is included). Please ask your student(s) to apply by following the guidelines given below.

Application Schedule

  1. Application deadline: September 23, 2016 (4 pm)

    Applications should be sent via E-mail to the SFC Academic Society administrators (, with "Application to Present Graduation Project" in the E-mail subject. Applicants should mark a copy of the E-mail (cc) to their academic supervisor or recommending faculty member. The application itself should include the following:
    * Title of presentation (provisional title acceptable)
    * Name, faculty, and E-mail address of presenter
    * Name of academic supervisor/recommending faculty member
    * Presentation summary (about 200 characters)
    * A key word

  2. Notification of selection: October 3, 2016 (provisional date)

    The Program Committee will screen applications, and notify applicants of the results by E-mail.

  3. Deadline for providing the presentation synopsis: October 26, 2016 (4 pm)

    Applicants should provide a presentation synopsis comprising A4x1 page (successful applicants will receive the relevant writing guidelines, etc., when notified of the acceptance of their research paper).
    Presentation synopses will be posted as abstracts on the Internet prior to the contest and distributed in printed and bound forms during the event.

Excellence Awards

During the event, the Program Committee will evaluate and provide a combined ranking for each presentation in the general research and graduation project categories and confer excellence awards to the top presenters. If a student presenting a graduation project wins an award, the students' recommending faculty member (academic supervisor) will also be presented with an award. Last year, the prizes awarded to presenting students and their supervisors included Single-lens reflex camera and iPad mini Retina. We are also planning to supplement the excellence awards with special awards for each research field. The awards ceremony will be held during the event.

Contact the SFC Academic Society administrators ( for further information.