Discussion Paper

Submission Guideline

"SFC discussion paper" Editorial guideline

SFC Keio Academic Society General Publications Judgment Committee
  1. (Aim of the series)
    Aim of Discussion Paper Series is to disclose the research outcome in SFC to the public timely and request for extensive comments. Series journals are published in the form of PDF files on the web.

  2. (Character of the included paper)
    Target paper of Discussion Paper Series is not only limited to unpublished research paper but also already published paper, to be published paper and mid-report research paper which the author aims to refine through the discussions, however, in principle, it must be such paper which can be said as research paper.

  3. (Submission procedure)
    Submission should be sent by digital document file (In one file even if there are figures and tables included in the document) attached to e-mail. In principle, document should be in PDF format. Furthermore, submission deadline will not be set and we will accept them at anytime.
    Also, besides from the document file, please submit the application form and title page as well in submission process.

  4. (Submission qualification)
    Full member and associate member of Keio SFC Academic Society can directly submit a paper. Student member and others must receive the recommendations from Keio SFC Academic Society full member to submit a paper.

  5. (Reviewing process)
    With the purpose of this series, in order to accept variety of papers, we do not organize reviewing process as in the ordinal academic paper. However, if the paper is judged by the judgment committee as out of scope, the committee will put off the publication of the submitted manuscript.

  6. (Copyright)
    Copyright of the discussion paper belongs to the author of the submitted manuscript.

  7. (Guideline for writing paper)
    Please be careful of the followings, when writing a paper.
    A4 format, horizontally written.
    Title page must include the title, author's name, author's affiliation, author's position (in case of graduate student, one should notify master course or doctor course) and author's e-mail address.
    (make submission by filling in the specified form)
    If the applicant and the author is different, please notify the applicant's name under the author name in the title page.
    Length of the paper is not limited but should be as general length of academic paper (about 15 to 30 pages).

  8. (Revision of the submission guideline)
    The latest submission guideline will be on the Keio SFC Academic Society web page at all times.

Submit papers to the following e-mail address: gakkai@sfc.keio.ac.jp, including 1) Application Form 2) Title Page 3) Discussion Paper (PDF version)

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