General Publication

Submission on General Publications 2009

To all

Keio SFC Academic Society General Publication
Notification of call for publication application

General publication judging committee

We are calling for publication applications of 2009 Keio SFC Academic Society General Publications as follows.

  1. About publication classification

    In Keio SFC Academic Society, we publish publications as following classification:
    For more detail, please see Publication Division (Publication Application File).

  2. Submission of application form and manuscript

    Application form and camera ready paper (hard copies) are to be submitted to Keio SFC Academic Society mailbox or Administration Office at 1st floor of T building. For more detail, please see Documents (Download) or Publication Division (Publication Application File).

  3. About an expense

    In principle, expenses are bore by Keio SFC Academic Society. However, please notice that if one application exceeds the budget limit or number of copies exceeds the limit, the excess amount will be charged.

  4. About distribution

    In principle, 40 copies of publications will be given as author's receipt (including that of applicant). The rest of the copies will be distributed to faculty member and student member at general publication section at 1st floor of alpha building. If you request more than 40 copies as author's receipt, please consult to the administration office when applying.

  5. Digitization of general publication

    For those publications with author's permission are to be digitized and disclosed to websites which is administrated by Keio University and registered to database.
    * e-KAMO(Keio Archives in Multimedia Online) System
    * KOARA(Keio Academic Resource Archive)

  6. Miscellaneous
    • We accept applications regularly but in case when the applications exceed the limit, we will inform the closing.
    • Approval by general publication judging committee is required for every publication application.
    • Approval by general publication judging committee is also required for every request for reprints.
    • For details such as procedures for publication and distribution, please see Flow of Expense,Distribution,Publishing.

For more details, please contact Keio SFC Academic Society Administration Office ( We are welcome to comply with various requests such as number of copies, bindings and page length.