Editorial Policy

enacted on March 31, 2004
revised on August 17, 2004
revised on October 5, 2005
revised on April 1, 2007
Revised December 7, ,2011
Revised November 13, 2012

Requirement for submission

  • A full member of Keio SFC Academic Society (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance, Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies... Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and Graduate School of Health Management)
  • All SFC undergraduate students, enrolled graduate student of Graduate School of Media and Governance and Graduate School of Health Management
  • All other member who have paid membership fees or who have been asked to write a paper from the editorial committee.

Objectives and Scope

Types of Contribution

Although each issue includes a Special Feature Article, Research Articles related to the fields studied at SFC are also accepted.
  1. Submitted Paper must be an original article and the result of positive or logical research.
  2. Submitted note should be an interim report or forecast.
  3. Book Review Paper should be an introduction or a critique of a document.
  4. Book Review/ Academic Trend should be a commentary on the scope of research.


a) no more than 11 pages in paper
b) no more than 7 pages in paper
c) no more than 5 pages in paper
d) no more than 3 pages in paper
as standard

Manuscript guideline

For more details, please see the following website.

Submission procedure

Please send or bring manuscripts which satisfies the guideline with description form (doc) appended.

Review of submitted manuscripts and acceptance/rejection for publication

Submitted Paper, Submitted Note, Book Review Paper, and Book Review/Academic Trend will be reviewed by internal SFC reviewer as well as external reviewers to determine whether to be accepted or rejected for publication.