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Invitation to Submit a Manuscript for KEIO SFC JOURNAL Vol.17 No.2

Special Editorial Board Member:
Keisuke Uehara / Keiko Okawa

The Keio SFC Academic Society publishes the academic KEIO SFC JOURNAL, which reports the results of academic research conducted at SFC.
For this edition, Vol. 17, No. 2 (scheduled for publication in March 2018), we are accepting papers on the featured theme of "Developing Higher Education Globally: Challenge of the EBA Project"
Furthermore, we welcome submissions regarding any topic on a continual basis in accordance with the guidelines described below.

  • Special Issue: "Developing Higher Education Globally: Challenge of the EBA Project"

  • Purpose of This Special Issue:
    With the support of the two undergraduate schools and three graduate schools of SFC/KMD/Faculty of Science and Technology, and three graduate schools, Keio University is working with eight universities in ASEAN countries to advance the University Consortium for an Evidence-based Approach to the Emergent Issues in Asia (EBA). The EBA program was selected for the FY2012 funding project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT; Re-inventing Japan Project; and government funding for projects aimed at establishing university networks for internationalization).
    The program aims to develop leaders in Japan and other ASEAN countries who can employ an evidence-based approach to identify, analyze, and resolve various issues related to the three common areas of concern among ASEAN countries: environment and energy, health and public health, and disaster prevention. Thanks to each university's proactive efforts in developing short-term student exchange programs and internships, the EBA program has achieved excellent results with the participation of around 500 students. The EBA program has also resulted in institutional reforms, including creating a participating student system and introducing a system of accreditation for international internships and fieldwork. The program has garnered particular praise for the way it has accredited actual research and educational activities, such as international fieldwork, and for how it has developed many certificate programs based on such accreditation that guarantee the excellence of the students from Japan and ASEAN countries. MEXT's funding is scheduled to terminate in March 2017, but there are plans to continue the program in 2017 and beyond to build on the results achieved so far.
    In this special feature, we intend to evaluate and transmit, from various perspectives, the results and challenges of the EBA program over the five-year period. To this end, we intend to invite a broad range of contributions on the achievements and challenges of EBA with respect to themes like evidence-based approach, international fieldwork-driven undergraduate education, internships, university collaboration-based education, the internationalization of universities, and global leader training. We will also invite opinions on the efforts undertaken at SFC. In this way, the feature will outline and debate the SFC's activities, in relation to international development, and the results and ongoing challenges in the ASEAN region.

Guidelines Guidelines
  1. Types of manuscript wanted

    Submitted Paper, Submitted Note, Book Review Paper, Book Review / Academic Trend
    Please indicate the applicable type from above when submitting your manuscript.

  2. Writing guidelines

    If you plan to submit your manuscript, please prepare the manuscript by following the writing guidelines.

  3. Deadline and procedure for submitting a manuscript

    Submission deadline for camera-ready paper: 16:00, 7/27/2017
    Send an e-mail to with your manuscript and submission form attached.
    Hard copies of papers should be submitted to the Shonan Fujisawa Gakkai Administration Office on the 1st floor of the T building (T14). Please submit five sets of hard copies. (The papers should be printed on A4 papers. Please prepare four out of the five sets without the author's name, affiliation, and job title.)
    You can download "Submission form" from here.

  4. Qualification for making a submission

    A full member of the Keio SFC Academic Society (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies; Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Research Associate of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and the Graduate School of Health Management)

    * All Research Associate (non-tenured) in the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care are the members of the Keio SFC Academic Society. The membership fees are collected in the same manner as full-time faculty members (professors, associate professors, and assistant professor).

    * Please note in advance that fixed-term contract faculty members (guest faculty, special visiting faculty, non-tenured faculty, visiting faculty(invited), part-time faculty, and project faculty) in the Graduate School of Media and Governance, the Faculty of Policy Management, and the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies as well as chair ship professors may not contribute without paying the membership fee.

    All SFC undergraduate students, enrolled graduate student of Graduate School of Media and Governance and Graduate School of Health Management

    All other members who have paid membership fees or who have been recommended by the editorial committee

  5. Refereeing

    The KEIO SFC JOURNAL publishes four types of papers: Submitted Paper, Submitted Note, Book Review Paper and Book Review / Academic Trends.

    (*) Manuscripts that are published in the KEIO SFC JOURNAL are refereed papers. Submitted manuscripts are all refereed by three reviewers: one inside reviewer (chief referee) and two outside reviewers. As a note, a research paper that has been accepted after the review will fulfill a requirement for obtaining the doctoral degree in the Graduate School of Media and Governance.

    (**) As a general rule, Submitted Note and Book Review Paper will be reviewed by two reviewers, consisting of one inside reviewer (chief referee) and one outside reviewer.

    (***) Book Review / Academic Trends is reviewed by one inside reviewer.

  6. Copyrights

    1. The author will entrust the copyright of the paper and other materials published in KEIO SFC JOURNAL by the Keio SFC Academic Society. The Society will retain the compilation copyright and publication right.
    2. Based on 1, the Keio SFC Academic Society will have the right to re-publish and re-distribute the prints and electronic media of the original papers and other materials of the author.
    3. In case the paper or other material will be reproduced in other printed matters or electronic media, the author shall notify the Keio SFC Academic Society in advance.
    4. As a general rule, the Keio SFC Academic Society shall obtain the prior consent from the author in case the paper or other material will be summarized and re-published or re-distributed in printed matters or electronic media.
    * In accordance with Article 5 of the Publishing Rules, the selected manuscripts will be registered and posted on the Keio SFC Academic Society website as well as websites and databases operated by Keio University.

  7. Other notices

    Submitted paper must be an unpublished article. Further, parallel submissions of this submitted paper to any other publications are prohibited